Reset password

  • Instructions for resetting your password

    1. Go to and click Sign in.
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    2. At the bottom of the login box, click on Forgot your password? and fill in your email address.
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    If the entered email address is linked to your account on, an email will be sent with instructions.
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    3. Follow the instructions in the email to choose a new password for your account.
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    FAQs about resetting your password

    Why am I not receiving a password reset email?

    This may be due to the following:

    1. The mail has ended up in the spam folder
      Check the spam folder in your email.

    2. Your email address is not registered on
      Please check that you have entered the correct address. If you don't have an account, you need to create an account instead, which you do here

    3. You have entered the wrong email address
      Make sure that you have entered the correct email address. Try again.

    To restore your password, follow the instructions above.