Share an exam with colleagues

  • In the exam list, you have the possibility to share your exams with other teachers. 

    icon_share.png An exam with this icon in the status column is shared with one or more teachers.


    Share a template!

    We also provide a function for sharing an exam template with other teachers via a link.

    Read more about this below.


    Share one exam at a time:

    1. Click on the three dots to the right of the exam in the exam list.
    2. Select Give Another Teacher Access
    3. In the list, click on Access or enter the email address of the teacher you want to share the exam with.
    4. Finish by clicking the Save button

    Share multiple exams at once:

    You also have the option of sharing several exams at the same time.

    1. In the exam list, select the checkboxes for the exams you want to share.
    2. Click on the access icon at the top of the list: 
    3. Select the teachers that you want to share the exam with.
    4. Click "Save"

    avdelare copy 2.png

    Share an exam as a template:

    You can also share an exam as a template. This will allow the receiver to save and edit a copy of your exam.

    Read more about this in this article.