Restore unsaved or deleted data

  • Restore an unsaved exam (Auto-marked exams only)

    If you have created an auto-marked exam and, for some reason, did not save it, the exam can still be saved as a draft in your exam list. The exam is then named "[DRAFT]" followed by the name you specified for the exam (if any).

    avdelare copy 2.png

    Restore deleted data (Exam, student answers)

    We go through this in more detail in our Troubleshooting video.

    You can restore deleted data, such as student answers or exams, in the trash can at the bottom of your profile page.

    The restored object will be added to the same place as before. 

    A restored exam can be found in the exam list,


    A restored student can be found in the exam's participant list in the monitoring view.