Monitoring/results view

  • Monitoring

    Under the Monitoring tab, you will find everything you need during an exam.

    Monitoring - Icons

    Under the Monitoring > Overview tab you will find the following functions:

    • Preview the test as a student
    • Access (Close, Open, Discoverable)
    • Exam key (Copy key, Copy link to exam, Present larger)
    • End the exam for students
    • Set timer for students
    • Reveal student identities
    • Individual exam keys
    • Print (Empty exam, Answer key, Anonymous identities)
    • Monitoring - Individual student

    Exam results

    Under the Exam results tab, you will find everything you need after the exam has been completed and the students have submitted their answers. Here you have the option to:

    • Export (Google Drive, OneDrive, Ouriginal, Turnitin, Google Classroom)
    • Download (Word, PDF, PDF one per student, Attendance list, Results overview (CSV / Excel))
    • Print (Student answers, Exam log, Individual exam keys)
    • Send (Individual exam keys, Student answers)

    You can also see a summary of the students' scores and the information that the students had to provide when they entered the exam (e.g. email address, name of teacher, class).


    You can find the student / teacher chat to the right. It can be used regardless of where you are in the monitoring view. To chat with an individual student, click on the student's name in the participant list.