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  • The exam template function makes it possible to share an exam as a template with another teacher via a link. The receiving teacher gets a copy of the exam in their exam list and then has the possibility to share the exam with other teachers.

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    Share exam template

    1. To share the exam template, click the three dots to the right of the exam in the exam list and the following menu opens. Click on "Share exam template via link":

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    2. To create a template link, click on "Create link".

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    3. Then click on "Open link (20YY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS)" to continue.

    To no longer allow exam templates to be created via the link, you can click "Invalidate link".
    Please note that this does not affect exams already created via the link.

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    4. The following information will then appear. Click on the link to copy it and then send the link via, for example, email to the colleague with whom you want to share the exam template.

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    Create an exam from an exam template

    If you received a link to an exam template from a colleague,

    1. Click the link,
    2. Log in to Exam.net, and click "Create an exam from template".
    3. Done! You will then find your version of the exam in your exam list.