The Turnitin integration

  • integrates with Turnitin, which allows schools to detect and prevent plagiarism.

    Teachers can find the feature in the monitoring view:


    How do I use the Turnitin integration?

    In the monitoring view, there is a button to activate Turnitin. Once the integration has been configured, teachers at the school can begin using the plagiarism check by clicking the Turnitin button.

    How do I set up the integration with Turnitin?

    The school must do a one-time configuration of the integration with your Turnitin account.

    When you click the button in the monitoring view, the following information will be displayed:


    By clicking the blue button "Show link for configuration" you will be taken to a page where the Turnitin integration can be set up for your school. This process only needs to be performed once for the school and will apply to all teachers.

    You can copy the link that opens and send it to the Turnitin administrator at your school or organization.

    To activate the integration with Turnitin, you must contact your Turnitin account holder and inform them that you want to activate the integration with

    We do not have a Turnitin license

    If you are not using Turnitin today, you can find more information about the service when you click the Turnitin button in an exam's monitoring view.