Install the kiosk application on Chromebooks

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    Please note that the Chromebook app is only available if the units are centrally managed and if the school has purchased an upgrade for ChromeOS devices. More information can be found on the Chrome Education and Enterprise Help site

    You can't install the Chromebook app on private Chromebooks due to Google policies.

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    Install the kiosk application on Chromebooks

    The Google administrator (for the managed devices) installs the applications using the Google console. It will then be pushed automatically to all devices.

    1. Go to the Administration Console and click Devices, then Chrome and Apps & extensions. Then, choose Kiosks.

    2. At the bottom right, there is a button to add a new application. Press this and then "By ID"

    3. To find the application, an extension id is needed. Contact us at, and we will provide this to you as soon as possible (we usually respond quickly during CET business hours).

    4. Enter the extension id, choose "From the Chrome Web Store" and press save.

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    5. Done!

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      After restarting a student's device, the kiosk application is found at the bottom left before signing in to the device. The application may take up to an hour to reach all devices within the organization.