Audio files in an exam

  • It is possible to add audio files, for example, for listening comprehension exams.

    Adding audio files
    The audio files need to be in .mp3 or .wav format and can be added when you create or edit the exam. If you have files in a different format, you can use our conversion function, which can be found in the exam settings.


    Load from USB
    There is also the possibility to load audio files from, for example, a USB stick during the exam. Remember that the student's device must have a USB port.

    If you use the "Load from USB" option, the files are loaded into the computer's working memory in the same way as if they were to be played directly from the USB stick. This is a prerequisite for the sound to reach the sound card. There is thus no copying of the file, and it is not stored on the device (outside the working memory).

    The stick can be removed once the files have been loaded, as the files remain in the device's RAM memory (provided the computer doesn't start running out of memory, it will then purge what it thinks it no longer needs).

    The function is activated when you create or edit an exam.


    Grant access to audio files

    Enable audio files for all or individual students

    You can enable access to the audio file for all students when you create or edit the exam or for individual students during the exam. You do this via the monitoring view.


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