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  • You can read more about conducting exams here:

    Conduct exams linked to Google Classroom

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    Return exams to students via Google Classroom

    Once students have submitted their exams, you, as the teacher, can decide when/if the exams should be exported to Google Classroom.

    To do this, click on the Export button in the exam results view and choose Google Classroom.

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    The exams are not automatically sent to Google Classroom upon submission, which means that these exams can also be conducted over multiple lessons if you, as the teacher, wish to do so.

    When you export the exams, you can choose to export them for all students or individual students. Make your selections and then click "Export" at the bottom right.

    Export auto-marked exams

    If you export auto-corrected exams, the scores will be displayed next to the student's name.

    If the student's answers still require manual grading, a question mark will appear instead.

    Manage exported exams in Google Classroom

    When you export text-based exams, only the actual student response (or what is written in the writing area) will be sent; the questions will not be included (provided that you, as the teacher, have not included them in the student's writing area).

    The exported task is created as a "Class Assignment" in Google Classroom and can be managed just as you are accustomed to in Google Classroom.

    You use Google Classroom to comment, grade, provide feedback, and communicate with the students. After exam responses have been exported to Google Classroom, there is no synchronization back to, so any comments or similar added to the exam in Google Classroom will not appear in

    If it is a text-based exam, it is managed as a Google document, with the possibility of comments and feedback. If it is an auto-corrected exam, it will be displayed as a PDF. It is possible to write comments regardless of the file type.

    PDF exams can be graded particularly well in the app on a phone or tablet as you are allowed to draw and write directly on the exam. After saving your corrections, a new file is saved.

    New export

    In a situation where you have already exported student responses for an exam once and wish to do this again (for example, after students have resumed the exam and completed their answers within, you need to first remove the class assignment in Google Classroom.

    You can do this by finding the class assignment and clicking "Delete".

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    Important information about re-exporting to GC

    You cannot re-export for individual students. In that case, you need to remove the entire class assignment in Classroom following the instructions above.

    Also, please note that any comments left on student texts in Classroom will be removed as well.


    You can find more information about managing exams on Google Classroom's support pages. We have gathered a few links below:

    • Draw and annotate student works
    • Grade and return an assignment
    • Provide feedback on assignments
    • View all your students' works

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