How does the Google Classroom integration work?

  • We recommend that you use this feature if you are an existing Google Classroom user (but you can learn more about getting started with Google Classroom here).

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    What is different for students and teachers?

    • Students will receive a link to their exam published in their Google Classroom feed (if the teacher chooses to publish the exam to Google Classroom).
    • Students do not need to enter their name, email address, and other personal information when starting an exam because their exams are linked to their Google account.
    • With a single click on, completed exams can be added to each student's Google Classroom feed (you no longer need to upload each exam individually!)
    • You can add notes and comments to exams in Google Classroom.
    • For students to be able to resume their exam, no individual exam key is required. As usual, for this to happen, the exam status needs to be set to "Open" when students reconnect.

    If you are familiar with the traditional workflow for students submitting assignments via Google Classroom, it is important to know some details and differences between the traditional workflow and the workflow introduced when using our integration. You can read a step-by-step walkthrough here.

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    How do I use the feature?

    To get more information on how to use Google Classroom in, you can read more here.