Common questions for export of student answers

  • Below, we have gathered common questions regarding the export of student responses. This may include, for example, how you customize what students see when they receive their test results.

    How do I choose what students can see when I send back their results?

    Answer: In the printing settings, you can tailor what information you want to appear for your students when you send it back to them.

    On the left side of the printing settings, you will find the following display options (Automarked exams):

    Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 08.54.37.png

    avdelare copy 2.png

    Can I set it up so that students only see their answers and not the questions?

    Answer: Yes and no.

    You cannot fully customize Fill Gaps and Match Answers questions. In these cases, the rest of the text must be visible due to a technical limitation.

    If you check Questions And Answers and uncheck Question Formulation, Marking Rules, and Correct Answers, only the student's response and points will be visible for all question types, except for Fill Gaps and Match Answers questions. See below for an example.

    Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 15.48.10.png