Can I monitor the students with a video conference in parallell with

  • Question: Can I use Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Hangout, Zoom, Webex, or similar to monitor my students while taking an exam?

    Answer: Monitoring the students while taking a test remotely is not a function built into the platform, but you can easily do this in parallel with the exam. You may use a number of video conference solutions to do so.

    You first start the meeting in the video conference with all the students accessing the camera and microphone, and then when that is set up the students start the exam on "". The video conference will continue to run in the background on the students' computers. The students will not be able to see the video conference during the exam as their exams are in full-screen.

    If you want to use the higher security level, together with SEB (on Mac/windows), we recommend that the students run the video conference in their web browser, as desktop apps may interfere with SEB.

    Video conferencing is currently not possible in parallel with high-security mode on Chromebooks. However, normal web browser mode works very well with Chromebook video conferencing. Here is a step-by-step list: