Where do I find my old exams?

  • Updated 1/11-2023

    Question: Where do I find my old exams? Can I prevent exams from being archived? For how long is an exam kept in the archive before it is deleted?

    Answer: For data protection reasons, an exam is automatically moved to the archive 365 days after it is created. The exam is then available in the archive for an additional 2.5 years, after which it is deleted.

    You can only move an exam back from the archive if you also choose to clear it of student data, but you can also duplicate an exam from the archive to create a new identical one. You can find these options by clicking the three dots to the right of each exam

    Due to GDPR regulations, we need to provide exact information about how we handle data, when it is archived, and after how long it is deleted. Because of that, it is impossible to prevent archiving, but you can still view all the student answers and duplicate the exam if you want to reuse it.

    It is also possible to unarchive an exam, but please note that all the student answers will then be deleted and that the deleting process is irrevocable.