In case of technical problems

  • The following advice applies in the event of broader technical issues, i.e., not an individual student experiencing a broken computer (see related articles at the bottom of this page for information on this scenario).

    This could include, for example:

    • School WiFi going down.
    • or a provider to experiencing technical disruptions.

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    The most important advice in case of technical issues is to let the students continue writing their exams, and hand in their work when they are done:


    • Allow students to continue writing their exams:
      Students can continue writing their exams despite technical issues with Wi-Fi or The text is saved locally on the computers and will be synced once the connection or is functional. Even if you as a teacher cannot log in to, students can continue writing.
    • Allow students to submit their exams when they are finished:
      When students are finished, they can submit their exams as usual - even if is down or there are other issues. The students' responses may not immediately appear for you as a teacher but will show up within a few hours after the problem has been resolved. Even if you as a teacher cannot log in to, students can still submit their exams.


    If you or your students cant access, you can find more information on our status page


    If or a provider to experiences technical disruptions, we inform you about the operational status on the page In the event of technical problems, we have a backup page accessible at the address, which we also automatically redirect our apps to if we see the need arise.

    The availability of naturally depends on the nature of the problem. If the issue is with the school's Wi-Fi, it might be resolved more effectively by you as a teacher using an alternative internet connection, such as your phone.

    First and foremost - once again: If students are writing their exams, let them continue doing so and allow them to submit. The fallback page can instead be helpful in the following situations:

    • As a teacher, you want to be able to log in to despite technical issues.
      If you as a teacher cannot access, you can go to and log in to monitor the exam as usual. Note that students can continue writing as long as they don't accidentally exit the exam - they don't need to switch to

    • A student exits the exam and wants to re-enter
      If a student exits the exam and wants to re-enter to continue where they left off, you as a teacher can provide the student with the individual exam key. If experiences technical disruptions, you can log in to as a teacher to obtain the individual exam key, and the student can use to enter the key and continue their exam.

    • You have not yet started the exam and can't connect to
      If you haven't started the exam and cannot access, try going to Students can start the exam as usual from there, and you as a teacher can log in and monitor as usual.

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