What does "This exam is empty" mean? How do I solve this?

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    What does this mean?

    If students receive the message above when entering an exam, the question-based exam is empty (i.e. it doesn't contain any questions). 

    When a question-type-based exam is empty, there is nowhere for students to write their answers. 

    To solve this:

    1. you can add questions by editing the exam, (Please note that the students will have to resume the exam to receive the updated version of the exam)
    2. or, you can create a new exam, based on one of our other formats. 
      If you create a document-based (PDF or Free form) or a "Skip digital questions" exam instead, a writing area where students can write their texts will automatically be added.
      Below you'll find more information about our exam formats:

      The exam format "Free form"
      The exam format "PDF-based"
      The exam format "Skip digital questions"