Manage student information

  • The student information section allows you to connect an exam to an LMS or choose the information students enter manually when entering the exam the first time.

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    Connect an exam with an LMS tool

    You can connect an exam with the LMS of your choice. 
    How to connect an exam to LMS (Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams)

    Student information

    You can select which information you would like the system to request from the students.

    The following text fields can be activated:

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address - As well as the possibility to specify specific email addresses as allowed
    • Class
    • Teacher name
    • Phone number
    • Student ID (NOTE! Student ID is the possible user name/student number assigned by the school, it is not a social security number or similar.)

    To identify the student, one must enter a name or an email address when connecting to the exam.

    You also have the option to anonymize the students. 


    FAQ about student information

    Can I add student information after an exam has been conducted? 

    Answer: Yes. By editing the exam settings (Exam list > edit exam > Student information (step 3) > Check the checkbox for Email > Save) you can add the email address via the individual student in the monitoring view.

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    In the monitoring view, you will see the following: 

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