How to conduct an exam over several sessions

  • The students should always end an exam session by submitting the exam.

    If a student is supposed to continue writing an exam during the next lesson, the student first submits the exam and resumes when it is time. To resume, follow the instructions below.

    There are two different ways for a student to resume an exam:  

    Resume with individual exam key (standard)

    You, the teacher, retrieve the Individual Exam Key in the exam's monitoring view.

    From there, you can click on each student's name to retrieve a key or click the Individual Exam Keys button in the Overview, to see all keys at once.

    The individual exam keys are only valid once and are replaced once used. This prevents the students from memorizing the key and resuming the exam on their own.


    Resume exam connected to Google Classroom

    If the exam is connected to Google Classroom, the students resume their exams either by clicking the link to the exam or entering the exam key. Then, they enter the exam with the Google account connected to the class in Google Classroom. 

    Only students connected to the class can access a Google Classroom-connected exam.


    Resume an exam due to device-related problems
    If a student's device stops working during an exam - for example, due to a lack of battery power or if it just breaks down, this can be solved by resuming the exam.
    The student resumes the exam as explained above.