Create an exam

  • Creating a new exam - step-by-step

    In this article, we take you through the process of creating an exam step by step. 

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    Step 1 - Enter an exam name and choose an exam format.

    1. Click the "New Exam" button in the top menu to create an exam and start by giving your exam a name.

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    2. Then select what exam format you want to use.

    Exam formats:

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    Step 2 - Create your exam

    This step is where you create the exam.

    Depending on your option in the first step, the behavior of this view will vary. 

    When you are done with creating your exam, go to step 3.

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    Step 3 - Add configurations

    This is where you configure the exam by activating tools, anonymizing the exam, connecting to a class in Google Classroom, choosing security settings, and so on.


    Here, you can choose to anonymize the exam and activate the Student self resume function.

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    Exam type setting (only visible when using the "Use question type" exam format)

    Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 09.52.28.png

    Student information

    Under Student information, you can connect the exam to Google Classroom or choose what information you would like the system to request from the students when they enter the exam.  

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    Student workspace

    In the "Student Area," you can activate any tools and resources students should have access to during the exam. Some tools and resources can also be activated for individual students when the exam has started.

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    Finally, select the security settings that will apply to the exam.

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    To save the exam, click the "Save" button at the top of the page.