Conduct an anonymized exam

  • On you can activate an anonymization function making it possible to mark exams without knowing the identity of the student.

    You enable it during the exam creation process, but it can also be activated later by editing an already existing exam.


    When it is activated, this is shown in the exam list:

    Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 16.40.34.png

    Reveal student identities

    After the marking process, identities can be revealed by de-anonymizing the exam. You can do this from the exam list or the monitoring view.


    Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 16.54.14.png

    Once done, the QR codes on the printed/downloaded student answers lead to the student information, and in the results view a list showing which student belongs to which code can be found.

    Anonymize an already existing exam

    If you forget to activate the anonymization when you create an exam, it can be done later. As long as the exam is anonymized before printing or exporting the student answers, the effect is the same. Note, however, that the person monitoring the exam might remember which student has written which text.


    In the video below we go through how anonymization works

    Conduct and mark anonymized exams (05:30)