Install high-security software

  • Which software should be installed depends on the type of device the students have. For Windows computers and Macs with a touch bar - the software Safe Exam Browser is recommended, while iOS, macOS devices, and Chromebooks require the installation of one of our apps.

    Instructions for each type of device are listed below.

    You can read more about recommended versions here: 
    What versions of the high-security mode are supported?

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    The high-security mode for Windows uses Safe Exam Browser (SEB). See below for more information on SEB.

    1. Click here to download SEB 3.4.1 to your device.

    2. Double-click on the installation file and then follow the steps to complete the installation.

    3. Click here to test your SEB installation.

    You never have to start SEB manually - the program starts automatically when entering an exam key in


    1. Click here or search for "" or "Examnet" to find the app in App Store. 

    2. Download the app.

    3. During an exam, start the app, press "Begin exam," and enter the exam key.


    The high-security mode for macOS uses our app. This requires macOS 10.13 or later.

    1. Click here to download 1.4.2 for macOS.

    2. Double-click the file you downloaded and follow the instructions.

    3. The app also has a practice mode, where you can test the exam environment without needing an exam key.


    The kiosk app can only be installed on centrally managed Chromebooks due to Google policies. Therefore, it is not possible to install the app on private Chromebooks. Installation instructions for you as a Google administrator are available here.

    For newer Chromebooks (2017 or later), a license is also required to install and run kiosk apps.