Student self-resume

  • Teachers can enable students to access and resume their exams at their convenience while the exam access is set to open.

    This feature ensures that students effortlessly can pick up where they left off without the teacher having to manually share the individual exam keys with the students.

    Unrestricted access to resume exams

    As long as the access is set to Open, students can...

    ...enter the exam as many times as they want.

    ...hand in the exam as many times as they'd like.

    The student's resume key will always remain the same.

    How does Student Self-Resume work?

    1. Activate the function: The teacher enables Student Self-Resume for an exam under the exam configurations found in step 3 when creating/editing an exam.

      Please note - this has to be done before students enter the exam.

      Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 09.41.44.png

    2. Open for access: The teacher opens the exam (or schedules an automatic opening of the exam) via the access function in the exam list
    3. Students enter the exam: The students initiate the exam by entering it with an exam key. They will be required to enter their email address. 
    4. Students receive mail: After they enter the exam, all students will automatically receive an email containing a unique resume key for their work.
    5. To resume the exam: Students click the link in the email or use their unique resume key, also provided in the email, to re-enter the exam. This action will automatically bring them back into their exam. 
    6. Close access to resume: When you no longer wish the students to be able to resume the exam, you turn the access to Closed. You can change access as many times as you'd like.