Google Forms or Microsoft Forms through

  • Question: Is it possible to use external quiz forms like Microsoft Forms or Google Forms with in order to carry out exams with automatic marking?

    Answer: You can use's internal features for creating exams, such as Question types-based exams that can contain questions like Multiple choice and match answers, which can be automatically marked. Alternatively, you can use external resources like Google or Microsoft Forms.

    Ensure your form is publicly accessible and keep in mind the following challenges:

    1. Data Handling: can't back up data added inside an external resource, so students must save their progress using the form's save button.
    2. Student Identification: Include a question in the form for students to enter their names, ensuring answers are correctly linked to the student.
    3. Cheat Protection: To avoid issues with cheat protection, use high-security mode (e.g., Safe Exam Browser) or disable the cheat protection while taking the exam.
    4. External Links: Be cautious about including external links in the form, as students may navigate away from the exam area.