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  • What is is a digital exam platform created by teachers who understand the realities of the classroom.

    The platform is used in over 100 countries every day by thousands of teachers to conduct regular exams or national exams.

    Does require any installation? does not require any installation for you as a teacher. To create and conduct exams: log in to your account through your web browser and get started right away.


    Installation on student devices may be required
    ...if your students are supposed to take their exams in a secure environment.

    Read more about this here.


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    1. Create an Account

    Start by registering your account on You can do this via single sign-on (Google, Microsoft) or by entering your email address and choosing a password.

    2. Your Profile

    You can edit your profile at any time. On the profile page - you can see documents such as our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


    3. Exam list

    In the exam list, you can find the exams you have created but also exams shared with you by other teachers. You can organize your exams yourself by, for example, creating groups, changing sorting, etc.


    4. Create an exam

    1. Name the exam and choose an exam type
    2. Create your exam by adding questions and marking rules.
    3. Enter configurations
    4. Save the exam

    Now you have successfully created an exam that has been placed in your Exam list.

    5. Conduct an exam

    When you are ready to conduct your exam, follow this checklist.

    For more information on how to conduct exams on, please navigate to the Conduct exams category on our support pages.

    6. Mark and export exams

    When you have performed an exam, you can do the marking in the Exam Results view.

    From there, the student answers can be exported or shared with the students via a link.


    Training videos

    If you want more in-depth information about, we have created training videos that you can find here (the link opens in a new tab).

    They are an excellent introduction for those who want to get an overview of the functionalities of

    Below you can find links to a selection of the videos:

    Creating your first test (10:31) (opens in a new tab)

    The student experience (06:15) (opens in a new tab)

    Conduct and mark anonymized exams (05:30) (opens in a new tab)

    Administrating your exams (07:00) (opens in a new tab)