Student Answers - Download / Print / Export / Send

  • From the monitoring/results view, you can manage and share student responses in four different ways:

    • Download
    • Print
    • Export
    • Send

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    Download student answers

    After the exam, click the "Monitoring / Results" (eye icon) button in the exam list.

    At the top of the page, select Results

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    Then you will be taken to a view from where you can export student answers in various ways, such as printing, PDF files, Word files, or through our integration with Google Drive or OneDrive.


    Download as a Word file

    If you download several students' exams simultaneously as Word files, these are saved as a .zip file that you will need to unzip.

    Read more about how to do this on Microsoft's support pages

    Download as PDF & PDF (one per student)

    The files are saved as PDFs in the selected location on your computer.

    You can download the student answers as a single PDF, or a PDF for each student.

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    Print student answers

    At the top of the view, select Results.

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    Click Print

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    Print settings

    Choose to print the student answers according to our standard, or customize the margins, line spacing, and text size yourself.

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    View Options (Auto-marked exam)

    You can adjust the following settings if the test is an auto-marked exam. Here, you control what you want to appear in the printout.

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    Export student answers

    At the top of the view, select Results

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    Click Export

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    • You can share student answers to Google Classroom 
    • You can do a plagiarism check via Ouriginal or Turnitin
    • Export the student answers to your Google Drive
    • Export the student answers to your OneDrive

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    Send student answers

    At the top of the view, select Results

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    Click Send > Student answer

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    Sending student responses means that students receive a time-limited link where they can see your feedback, scores, etc. You can choose the time limit and display options yourself in the dialog that appears.

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    Ask the students to enter their email addresses in the student information at the beginning of the exam, you can then send the student results directly from

    Even if students do not enter their email addresses in the student information, you can use this function, but you then need to download a link for each student one by one and send this outside of