Conduct an exam connected to Google Classroom

  • When all preparations are finished, it's time to conduct the exam.

    You can read more about the preparations here:

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    Log in to the exam as a student

    The first time students use Google Classroom through, Google will ask if they approve the connection, which they need to do in order to proceed.

    On all subsequent exams, the student will enter the exam directly.

    Connect to a high-security exam on Chromebook (Kiosk application)

    Students who need to connect to an exam in the Chromebook kiosk app will need to log in to their Google account within the kiosk app. This is because the kiosk application can only be found in the Apps menu in the logged-out mode.


    Please note!

    In order for students to access the exam, the exam's status must be set to "Open" or "Discoverable" on 


    When students enter the exam, they will do so as usual, that is, they will take the exam and submit it by turning it in.

    Resume exam

    Since exams are not automatically synchronized between and Google Classroom, it is possible for students to resume their exams multiple times before the teacher exports the exams to Google Classroom.

    As long as the exam's access is set as "Open" inside, students will be able to resume their exam by logging in with their Google account. Therefore, students do not need to use an individual exam key to resume their exam.

    Read more about resuming an exam and exporting student answers to Google Classroom in this article


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